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Welcome to the page of Service of Electronic Document Delivery of Central Scientific Agricultural Library.

The Central Scientific Agricultural Library has organized a Service of Electronic Document Delivery, which provides a remote user with electronic copies of sources from the CSAL collection.

The Service does not carry out a topical selection of sources. This service can be provided by a Bibliographical Department , contact telephone +7(495)540-7721 or e-mail:

Electronic copies received from the CSAL may be used for scientific and educational purposes only! It is forbidden copying or reproducing of received copies in any other form, except for copying permitted by the law (a single printing of an electronic file), handing the received copies over to other persons or organizations on any basis or using them for other commercial purposes.

A user can take out an annual subscription to EDD (an annual subscription covers the delivery up to 60 documents of the total volume up to 250 pages of A4). As this service is to be paid (payment shall be effected in rubles on the account of the CSAL in the Bank of the RF), the question of delivering documents to users outside the RF shall be settled individually.

Before using this service we advise you to go through the rules of Service of Electronic Document Delivery.

We pay your attention, services of Service of Electronic Document Delivery completely paid.






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Electronic Documents Delivery Service of CSAL of The Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences